How To Unlock PUK Code For Telstra?


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To get a PUK code or a PIN number to unlock your Telstra phone, have a look at this link, it has an online form that you can fill it in to get the code that you need: If you enter the wrong Pin code three times, you will have to get a new SIM because the original will be blocked, which means that you will lose all of your contacts and anything else that is stored on it, or get the PUK code to unlock it.

PUK stands for Personal Unlocking Code and means that your phone will be secure if someone else tries to use it. Obviously, if you forget the PIN, you won’t be able to use it either! If you do need the PUK, you can’t get it from anywhere else other than your phone provider because they are the only ones that are legally allowed to give them out.

There is one way of making sure that you are never in the position where you need to go to all the trouble of contacting your provider to get your PUK, and that is to not use a PIN number in the first place. This will mean that, potentially, your phone will be more vulnerable in as much as that other people will be able to access your information, or to use up your minutes or texts if you leave it hanging round.

There is only you who can assess what the lesser of the two evils is; if your phone is insured; you have all your information and other things that are on your phone’s SIM backed up and you either don’t mind other people using your phone, or you trust them that they won’t, maybe needing a PIN is just too much hassle.
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You need to call telstra and ask them to give you a code to unlock it. If you have tried to enter a code that is incorrect three times then your sim will be blocked and it will then need replacing
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The only way to get around the puk is to flash the phone. You can have this done at one of your local cell shops that do unlocking.

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