What is the puk code for lyca mobile simcard?


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If you have accidently locked a Lyca mobile, then you will need a PUK code to unlock it. Each PUK code for any cellular phone is different and is actually not connected to the phone itself, but to the SIM card.

A phone can become locked if the incorrect SIM code is entered 3 times. This is when the phone will ask for a PUK code, and this is a security measure.

The PUK code for a Lyca mobile phone can be obtained in a number of ways:

  • On the box the phone came in

The phone should have been in a box when it was purchased, and the SIM card should have been in the box with the phone. The SIM card would have been in a package of its own, and it is in this pack, or on the plastic card the SIM was attached to, that the PUK code of the SIM would be printed.

  • If you have registered for My Lycamobile

When you register for this service the PUK code is stored within the details of the phone, that were provided upon registering.

  • Call Customer Services

If you haven't registered for My Lycamobile, and you have lost the starter pack that the phone came with, the only other option available is to call customer services to get the PUK code.

The telephone number is 0207 1320322, and the person you speak to will need to verify your identity by asking a number of security questions. Once you have answered these questions, the PUK code can be given to you.

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