How Do I Send A Text Message That's Animated And Where Do I Find Them?


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An animated text message is not a text message by the very nature of it being animated. A text message is exactly that: A message comprising entirely of alphanumerical characters. If a message you send or receive is animated in any way, then it is instead a multimedia message (MMS) and not a text message (SMS). An MMS enables you to attach video clips, photographs or animations, which you send to your contacts as if you were sending a regular text message.
Unfortunately, most network providers will charge for the use of an MMS and they are very rarely included in any minutes package you may have in your contract. This charge varies from operator to operator, but a good estimate will be approximately 25p per message. It does not cost you anything to receive a multimedia message.
As for where to find them, if you have an iPhone the best place to start looking is the Apple App Store, as there is an application designed specifically to provide animated emoticons for MMS. This app is called ‘Animated Emoticons’ and there is a free version available to download. Simply download this to your iPhone and you will have ready-made emoticons at your fingertips ready to send via MMS or email. As mentioned, the MMS option will charge you at your network rate.
There may be applications available for Android phones, or Samsungs, so it is worth searching either on your phone or online to find out more. Some phones have animated emoticons built in to their text messaging service, but these will only show up properly if you are sending it to the same make of phone.
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You people aren't answering "WHERE" to find it... Everyone knows how to send it, but the question was "WHERE TO FIND" not "HOW TO SEND"
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A text massage is not an animated massage. Alphanumerical characters are apply in this massage. Multimedia massage as we are called mms is recived by this type of massage. Text massage is not work as multimedia massage. Many network has been charge as per massage. Bewear about all type of massage.

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You  are looking for multimedia messages. A simple text message won't work as it is only text. When we talk about the message. We all lump them together and call them text but they are actually multimedia messages.
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You can send it like a regular message, but it is called a multimedia message.

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