How To Hack Blackberry Password?


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Attempting to hack a Blackberry password can be very difficult or very easy, depending on how security conscious the Blackberry user who set the password is. As the Blackberry is a very secure device, it is impossible to hack through the phone without the password unless a specialist is consulted (which would be expensive and may not provide results). Therefore the best way to go about hacking a Blackberry password is to find out the password.

This can be tried in a number of ways. If you are attempting to hack the Blackberry of someone close to you, simply trying to guess the password could do the trick. If you know any passwords to other accounts, try those, as they may use one password universally. Otherwise, look around their desk for any scraps of paper with seemingly random words written on them - these could be passwords. Remember that after a certain number of failed password attempts a Blackberry will lock itself and may erase all data held within it - so be careful not to exceed this limit when making guesses.

If you know the password to the Blackberry owner's email account, you could look there for password information. Often, Blackberry users interlink their phones with their email accounts. Any emails from Blackberry could contain details of passwords.

Alternatively, you could phone customer services posing as the Blackberry owner and claim to have forgotten the password. They will likely want you to provide a number of personal details and you may have to answer security questions. If the Blackberry owner is a close friend or partner, you may know all of the required information. Customer services will then give you the password - but bear in mind they may in fact ask you to provide a new replacement password, which could arouse suspicion when the Blackberry owner finds their password no longer works.
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According to this forum if you type the password incorrectly 10 times it will wipe everything including your stored data. I haven't tried this so have no idea if it's true - I would take it to the store where you bought it, or a good one like Carphone Warehouse, and ask them what you should do.

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