How Do I Hard Reset My Sony Ericsson X10? I Got Too Many Pattern Attempts! And I Forget The Email And Password.. Please Help Am Still Looked After That 3 Days :( No Result ?


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Hard resetting your X10 will cause you to lose any settings and data you have on it, however it will usually fix any problems that were on it. It’s a fairly easy process to do.

You’ll have a couple of different options to choose from.

Before doing a hard reset, however, depending upon your problem, you may want to start with wiping your SD card clean. To do that, you’ll start at the home screen and select Menu and then Settings. You’ll then select SD card & Phone storage. Then choose Unmount SD card. Format SD card will light up and you tap it. Then select Erase Everything. You will have then emptied your entire SD card, so make sure you back it up before doing so.

If you still need to do a hard reset, you’ll be able to do so using hardware buttons or software.

To reset the X10 using hardware buttons, you’ll power off the phone.

You’ll then hold the left and right buttons under the display.

As you’re holding those, you’ll press and release the power button until instructions appear. It will then walk you through the hard reset directly on the phone.

The next option is by using the software built into the phone. You’ll go into Menu and then Settings. You’ll then select Privacy and tap the Factor Data Reset option. Then select Reset Phone. It will ask you to confirm that you want to do so. Click yes and your phone will then begin formatting memory and restart itself.

If the problem you were hoping to solve by resetting the phone still exists, then you may have hardware problems within the phone that a reset won’t cure. You may simply need a new phone, which, if you have insurance on it, means that you need to visit the store that you got it in.
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I know my username n password for my google account but it still wont let me in. What else can I do
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Thanks you made my day
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Thank you so much! Your solution worked for me the best! I read too many probable solutions but none worked!
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Here is one way to do it.
1, Go to:
2, Click the support tab and then Download Software
3, Download the Update Service application
4, Run the application as administrator, choose your model and follow the instructions.
NB: This will reinstall your mobile, make a backup before since all data will be lost.

// mats
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Hey - me too!

Tried reinstalling as above mat but it says software up to date -so won't do it. Is there something I am doing wrong or something else I could do. Any help would be very very appreciated. Please?
Have you had any luck sorting it AK13?
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Take it back to the shop. You are not intelligent enough to own a "smart" phone.
Recommend a simple nokia 3110 classic or similar.

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