What Is A Telephone Used For?


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It's used for communication...NOT everyone has a computer or internet access
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A Telephone is used to communicate, from anywhere to anywhere in the world.
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Telephone simplifies communication between staffs, colleagues and remote offices.
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For the ordinary people, a telephone is the ultimate means of contacting their friends and relatives living anywhere across the globe.

For those who either work in a company or run a business, they use these phones to interact with their customers and generate leads.

As everything has positive as well as negative sides and so is the case with the phones. There are some people who use this to harass innocent people.

You can keep yourself safe with the reverse phone lookup feature.

This feature will let you know who the caller is along with his complete details.

You can use overseas who called me to track the caller details and ensure your security.

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It is still a good communication tool  even with the rise of the internet's email and chat. Telephone is considerably more interactive.
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I agree with you. Many would still want to talk live to a person when asking questions or making inquiries.
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With the telephone system we are able to have the Virtual PBX system, internet fax, voice mail, toll free number and enjoy the advantage of the VoIP service.

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