How To Copy Copyrighted Discs?


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I agree with Debossman, it's illegal to make copies of the DVDs, even if you own them.  they don't care why you want to make copies of it, and making a copy of it for your own purposes is really no different than making a copy of it to sell.  I mean, why don't you just go to a movie file sharing site and download the illegal copies from there?
I don't know much about your DVD burner that you are using.  Is it hooked up to your computer?  If so, have you considered buying a DVD recorder (you know, one that plays and burns DVDs on your TV?  I don't know if that will work for you or not.  See if you can record your DVD onto VHS tape.  You will lose some quality in your copy, but it sounds like you aren't too concerned with that.  If you get it onto VHS, then playing it back on VHS and redubbing it onto a new blank DVD should be easy with a DVD recorder.
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Yes you can do that. I know a guy who does it. He has some type of device between his player and his computer and it feeds in to it and then into the computer. Go to Radio Shack or Best Buy and one of the geeks will tell you how. I don't do it because I am not interested in looking at a DVD once I have sen it.
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Depends what the purpose is.  If you wish to backup bought dvd movies for home use  then all you do is purchase software such as DVDFAB5 (over internet or get a copy from a friend) and install it and use it to burn a copy of your dvd through your dvd/cd tray. You can also scan the disc face into pc and use a printable (white face) dvd-r disc to print on so you know what movie it is, or copy the dvd jacket too.
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Most DVD movies now have a copy protection which implies that normal DVD burner software will not be able to burn them. To copy a copyrighted disc, you have to have software that can copy CSS copy protected DVD movies. The Content Scrambling System (CSS) in copyrighted discs is an effective tool to counter piracy. Many of the new DVD movies have the Sony DADC ARccOS protection.

Just a year ago, most DVD programmes could copy virtually any DVD. However in present times the movie industry has taken step to prevent taking backups of copyright discs. That is why it is important to invest in the best DVD Copy software that incorporates the latest CPRx technology. To circumvent the problem posed by copyrighted discs in making copies, a DVD copy application like 1CLICK DVD COPY which incorporates CPRx error correction technology is recommended. This is software which can copy most copyrighted DVD movies and is updated dynamically too.
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Why in the world would you want to do an illegal act?
It is against the law to steal from someone and this is exactly what you are doing when you attempt to copy copyrighted material.
Just because you may be able to do it, does not make it right to do it. I realize that you are not going to like my answer, but you have it anyway.
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Copying DVD's are the same because they also can be played in cars as not to damage your oringinal copy.  And stop being such a chump anyway and just answer the question! We all know you're billy nae mates!!!(Dragon72 & Debossman)
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To burn a copy write dvd,first remove its copy write protection by using a software called "dvd idle" which you can get from

Then you have to rip it on your pc and burn it by nero or other dvd burning software.
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I can totally understand your problem, I have so many ruined dvds thanks to my 2 year old, all these people going on about illegal business can stfu. I've already paid to legitimately own my DVDs, why shouldn't we copy them and protect them!?
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DVD idle and DVD Fab are unstable, try the best DVD burning software, 1 Click DVd Copy or DVD neXt Copy.  All the best DVD copy software programs are listed, ranked and reviewed at:

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