What Is The Difference Between CD -ROM And CD-RW/DVD-Rom? Are Both Able To Copy Information On To A Disc?


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BENNY PALLE answered
ROM- Read Only Memory
The name it self says that it can read only so it means it can't write any info on cd
CD-RW(Read and Write)
The name it self says that it can read and Write so it means that it can read and write any inforamation on Cd
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Yhab Martin answered
Yes both can copy information about the disc. Their main difference is that in CD-ROM once a certain file is burned into disc the information can't be tampered or overwrite, while CD-RW/DVD-Rom is rewritable and can be tampered or overwrite the data inside the disc.
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Cd ROM when the data are written on it can't be erased, in cd RW means it is rewritable, on it when data are written can be erased or edited and DVD Rom when data are written on it cannot be erased.Yes they are both able to copy information on to a disc.
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Cd rom is just a device which is capable is copying the data and open the data but CD/RW stands for cd read and write,write in the sense you write the data on to plane disk or empty disk. It is same in DVDs also so hope you get it now.
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DVD Rom can hold a lot more information and was originally for movies but can hold a lot more pictures or music than CD Rom. Peace The devices only allow you to use CD or DVD's. Peace
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I don f-in know
Go DaLlAs CoWbOyS
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I have no idea I came here to ask the same question but unfortunately no body knows the answer.
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The CD-Rom only reads CD(music, software, etc.). The CDRW/DVD-ROM reads and writes CD also reads DVD(movies)but not writes DVD. It is also called as DVD combo.CD ROM cannot able to copy the information on the disk.

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