What Is The Meaning Of CD-ROM?


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CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory) is a compact disc, just like an audio CD and contains data that can be accessed by a computer. Once written by the manufacturer, the contents of the CD cannot be altered. A CD-ROM can store large amount of data, a standard CD will hold either 650MB or 700MB. It is generally used to distribute software and multimedia and can be accessed with the help of a computer using a CD-ROM drive.

A standard CD has 33,000 sectors and each sector is 2352 bytes. One CD can accommodate over 1,000 novels (books), assuming each novel contains 60,000 words on an average and that each letter occupies 1 byte.
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It is the short form of (Compact Disc- Acronym Read Only Memory), which is a type of optical disk capable of storing large amounts of information from a source
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The word CD-ROM or CD ROM is the same.
It means Compact Disc Read Only Memory

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Compact disk-Read only memory
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Compact disk read only memory

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