What Are Types Of Optical Disks?


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Optical disks are the most advance and large storage media technology. It has great impact on today's world,because it does not required to move or spin for read and write, it just work through laser beam which passes through each track and sector of the disk.
There are three forms of optical disks available:

•CD-ROM: CD-ROM (compact disk read only memory) is an optical disk storage that contains text, graphics and hi-fi stereo sound. CD-ROM is available in different capacity. In CD- ROM standard, data (text or pictures) cannot be viewed with audio play simultaneously. CD-ROM XA standard can do.
•WORM: A WORM (write once, read many) disk is an optical disk that written on just once by the user's environment and then cannot be overwritten. A WORM disk is ideal for use as archive because it can be read many times, but the data cannot be erased. The storage capacity of WORM disk ranges from 400 MB to 6.4 GB.
•Erasable Optical Disks: This is an optical disk that can be erased and written on repeatedly. An erasable optical disk has a great deal of data capacity. It can store up to 4.6 GB. An erasable optical disk functions like a magnetic disk and has huge capacity, so it will replace the magnetic disk in the future.
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Audio CD
Video CD
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Optical disk systems are widely used on computer systems of all sizes. The most common types of systems are CD-ROM, WORM, CDs rewritable CDs and DVD. DVD is an emerging Cd technology that many people expect to shortly inherit the roles of both CD-ROM technology and video cassette recorders connected to television sets.
CD-ROM: By far, most optical disk drives sold today are of the CD ROM type. Specialized equipment stores data on CD-ROMs at the factory by burning tiny holes into the disks surfaces with high-intensity laser beams. WORM: Optical disk systems are available that will let you write once to a disk; once written, the data cannot be erased. These are called WORM CD systems. The most widely used worm standard is CD-R the R stands for "recordable". REWRITABLE CDs: Optical disk systems that allow you to both write and erased data possibly hundreds of thousands of time. DVDs: The acronym DVD refers to a relatively new higher capacity CD storage format that was initially developed to store the full contents of standard two hour movie. DVD requires DVD enabled disk drives. DVD is backward compatible, which means that you can play CD-ROMs on DVD drives. You can also play audio CDs on DVD drives.

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