How Do You Share A Printer With Two Computers?


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It is very much possible to share one printer for two or more computers. It is a very simple task to connect the printer to two or more computers in a network. First of all click on the option and then click on the "Network Neighbourhood" icon seen on your desktop. Then select "Properties" from this icon. After that move on to the "File and Print" button and select it so that you get an option which says "I want to be able to allow others to print to my printer," click on that and then click OK. Your printer is connected to the computer as well.

Another method of sharing a printer to two computers is to see if the printer is connected with a USB cable. Then just take the plugs of both the computers and insert it into the switch and then get it connected to the printer switch. Ensure that the software of your printer is present in both the computers and the printer is connected to both the computers.

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