What Is The Best All In One Printer On The Market?


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All In One Printers (AIO) are also known as Multifunction printers (MFPs). They are available in both the inkjet as well as in laser technology. They can be used to print, scan and photo copy. Some printers are also used for fax transactions. You can even buy a cheap AIO printer in less than $100. Through the customer reviews I have analyzed that Dell inkjet are not considered good in AIO models. Dell has good market name but consumers are not finding their AIO printers satisfactory. For better printing quality and excellent functioning, I think Canon Pixma MX850 is the best. It is also considered the best printer by most of the customers' reviews. The only issue with this printer is that it provides low capacity for paper as compare to other printers, otherwise it is the best.

Best AIO Printers

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