What Is The Best Printer For Vellum Paper?


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Vellum paper can be used on all kinds of printers. Though, people generally prefer printing the paper on an ink jet or a laser printer. You will also need to change the settings of the printer to a draft mode so that less ink used on the paper. Vellum paper does not require a lot of ink as it my smudge the paper. After you have printed the vellum paper, you have to take care of a few things. It takes a lot of time for the paper to dry, so it is advisable to not touch the paper and let it dry completely. It is also important to have clean hands before touching the paper as the stain on your hand may stick to the paper and may not get out. Make sure you handle the paper with care, as the paper has a tendency of creating creases.
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I have an Epson Stylus NX200 series and I cannont print on vellum. The paper feeds into the printer but the printer does not acknowledge that it has paper.

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