How Do I Install My Printer Without The Cd That Came With It, My Computer Does Not Recognize It?


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I would suggest you go to the manufacturers website and check there.  Most manufacturers such as HP and Epson have a support section where you can download the printer drivers and software for your printer.

It may be in the format of a "zip" file which if you have Windows XP or Vista you should be able to extract the files.  If you have an older version of Windows you will need to download an extraction program such as Winzip on 7Zip.

Good luck
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Yea you can,

You have to download drivers from the Manufactures Website. All you need is the company name and make and model number.

Download the drivers for the your operating system.

and then install it

Hope it helps,

any further assistance, msg me...

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I would go to the manufacturers website i.e and download a driver - most drivers are available for all operating systems. If the printer is unusual make type the make and do a google search
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Dear! It is not possible to use a printer without a CD, or if you want a free download then you must tell us that which printer you are using like a brand etc and its code.
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Do these 3 step

1) download the printer's drive which printer you want to install.
2) install the printer drive
3) attach your printer and restart your pc

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How do I get my lexmark printer to work without a installation c.d so I get stuff off word
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My printer is dell 964 and my laptop is a acer aspire 1680  no disk for downloading my printer what can I do please
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1- Visit one of the support sites listed below.
2- Type in your model number in the appropriate box.
3- select OS (operating system)
4- Download driver (save to desktop preferred)
5- install driver by double clicking.

Download a driver from manufacturers website or go to the place where you bought it and enquire about a duplicate disc .

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