I Lost My Lexmark Installation Cd And I Need To Reinstall It?


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If you have lost your Lexmark installation CD and need to reinstall your printer then all you need to do is visit www.lexmark.com. From the home screen click on Tech Library, which is situated under the Support and Downloads drop down menu. Click on learn more under the heading Manuals and Guides and you will be asked to enter the model number of your printer and click Filter.
The setup sheet and the user's guide will be listed below for all the printers in that series. When you click on any of these they will open in the window and are printable as well. Should you fail to find your model number there are some other useful items on the website that could assist you. You can e-mail, telephone or ask for assisted service.
Assisted service will enable the customer service representative to be able to access your computer to try and troubleshoot any problems you may be having reinstalling your printer. They can also assist with faults on your printer. When you first request assisted service you will be given a 6-digit PIN code, which you will need to enter when prompted in order for the customer service representative to assist you further.
Plug and play is a system by which your computer can recognise certain hardware when it is plugged into the USB ports. Unfortunately, Lexmark printers do not seem to be found when trying to plug and play. This can be resolved by disabling "Automatically detect plug and play hardware". There are occasions when this will not be successful. The simplest, quickest route to getting your printer reinstalled is to visit the website and follow the instructions.
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Go to www.lexmark.com; click on drivers and downloads.  Then search for your model. 
Hopefully, they will have the download to match your operating system.
Good luck!
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Yes you can install printer driver without a CD. You need to download it from the internet and then you can run the exe file from your hard disk.
Visit the link below to download the printer driver.
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Go to the lexmart website they should have the down load for you there. Or just plug it into the computer and you can have it search for the install download
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Go to www.lexmark.com. Then go to the drivers and downloads, which is located on the upper right hand side of the page. The next page has printer names. Pick your printer. Then you are ready to download the software. Hope this helps!
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Go to the lexmark website and search for your printer. They should have the driver online there for it.
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First of all go to
"downloads.lexmark.com" and select
your zone, then country, then language(If necessary). Now in "Search by
Model" field type Lexmark X1150 and click on search.

Now you can view the picture of your product. Now just scroll down and download the driver as per your operating system.

Now detach your "Lexmark X1150" from the PC and install the driver
software. After completing the installation, connect your "Lexmark
X1150" with the PC.

I think now you can use your "Lexmark X1150".

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If downloading from the internet does not work, you can phone lexmark and ask for another one
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Downloading from the website works but you don't get full functionality... It is missing the program that allows you to convert your scanned images to pdf's
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Please help me...I am trying to install my Lexmark x7350 and it installs so I can print but does not want to install so that I can use my scanner and fax.. What should I do... I have lost my cd?

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