How Do I Hook Up A Printer To A Laptop Without A CD-ROM?


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If the printer uses USB, like most printers do today, just plug the USB cable from the printer to a USB port on the laptop. Windows Vista and XP will recognize a new hardware and install the proper USB driver. Windows will then notify you that the device is installed. You can go to the Printers and Faxes screen to see if your printer is properly installed, or you can simply print something.
If the printer uses a parallel cable and connects to a printer port in the laptop, then you may be able to open the Printers and Faxes screen, click on Add New Printers and follow the Wizard. When you come to the part asking which printer to install, you may find your printer listed by manufacturer and model. Click on the proper model and the correct driver will be installed but chances are it is out of date. If the printer works then don't worry about it, Vista and XP will update the driver in the next Windows Update run.
If the printer is NOT listed in the Windows list the you can try to let Windows find the correct driver on the internet. But I doubt if it will. You will have to exit the program, go on the manufacturer's web site and download the driver for your printer. Be sure to have the model and serial number handy. Once the driver is downloaded, you can Run the program from the web site or go back to the Windows Wizard and let Windows find the driver on your hard drive. Your printer will now work.

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