I Want To Scan A Document From My Scanner To A Specified Folder. How Do I Set The Printer Up To Do This?


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Sometimes, devices need to run a setup disk, before it can be used - not all devices are plug and play.
Check with the documentation you have with your printer to see if you need to run the CD that came with it as part of the set up process.
Do you have any other Pc's in your house that you can hook your printer to, just to make sure that the printer itself is working alright? Sometimes little tests like that can help to eliminate if the problem is with the laptop or the printer.
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I had misplaced all the documentation for the setup of the printer slash fax machine. I was wondering if it was possible to click on the setup button on the machine itself to make a destination folder on the laptop. to answer your question about hooking the printer up to another computer, Yes, and the same error message appeared. There is a menu button on the machine itself and an option to setup the scan to destination folder but it does not work. this is when the error message appears. Is there free information somewhere online that will fix my Printer-Scanner-Fax machine?
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Referring to the most recent Q I asked, " When I try to scan a document to my laptop, I get an error message that say's NO SCAN OPTIONS", What do I do?
I went online recently to get the free manual, "How To", It gave me things to check and things to do but when I try them I get the same error message as alway's.
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It is very difficult (for me) to understand your printer - I haven't seen a printer that allows you to set up folders from it, this is usually done on the laptop/PC side.
It does sound like something is either missing or maybe not compatible with your machines, but you have stated that you have tried this with another pc, which strongly suggests to me that the problem is with your printer.
I can't advise you to do the set up again on your printer without the manual, as there maybe steps to take, which you can miss, if you are not 100% what to do.
I can only say to you is to go back to that website and 'Contact Us' and email your problem to them - alternatively, if it is still under warranty, then ask the vendor to have a look at it for you.
I'm really sorry i can't be of more help.
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Did you restart after hook-up? Computer has to recognize new hardware. If you did this already. Try Add New Hardware. You may have to actually search for your device. If all else fails. Try another usb port.

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