How Can You Classify The Various Types Of Computers?


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Depending on the technology used computer is classified into five generation. First generation computers base on vacuum tubes. Second generation computers use transistors. Third generation computers use small scale integrated circuits and fourth generation computers uses large and very large scale integrated circuits. Fifth generation computers have artificial intelligence.

Depending on the size on computers are classifies into four types. Large scale computers have more than one CPU for computation. The main storage capacity may be several millions characters and secondary storage capacity ranges in billion of characters. These systems can work on number of different programs Medium scale and small scale computers have same features as large scale but storage capacity is reduces. All these are basically main frame a computer in which whole of the CPU is concentrated at one central place. Mini computers are small in size and fast in basic operations.

It has limited set of instructions. Storage capacity is less than medium scale computers and number of input and output devices are also limited. Micro computers or desktop computers are small in size, less storage capacity. These systems are also cheaper. It contains of single CPU and has very small word size.

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