What Are The Classification Of Computers According To Function?


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There are many different functions that a computer has:

• Accuracy
• Processing
• Secure
• Performance

Computers are there to ensure that they can do a job properly; they are not going to be much use to us if they cannot perform and function as they should be able to. With the accuracy of a computer you can be sure that there is not going to be any silly mistakes when you are doing work or producing anything of importance for your school work or career. The processing side of computers is very important as they can process things quick than we could ever imagine of doing and therefore computers are keeping many business, companies, and banks still successful as they are able to keep up with the high demands from the customers and expectations that the businesses have in place.

Security and performance are the things which every computer much be able to function. If a computer was not secure, they would not be able to be used half as much as they are today. Banks would not be able to trust the technology a many different important businesses would not be able to have their customer information sorted on the technology as they would not have faith in the systems.

Also performance is something that is an important function. They are there to ensure that everything can be presented and done to a high standard. If computers didn't perform well we wouldn't use them. They would be a waste of technology if they could not perform the best of their ability and meet the standards that we have in place for them.

It is a simple concept that is not hard to understand, the functions of each and every computer are going to be the same and they are going to have to meet all of the expectations which are in place for them. The high demands also put pressure on the computers to perform, but they have not failed so far.
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The computer can be classified according to their size and processing power. The most important classification is the processing power of computer.

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Classification of computer according to purpose
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In the broader sense, there used to only be 2 types of computers - analog and digital (there were also hybrid computers which incorporated elements of both types).

Today, types of computers could be catergorized under the following:

- PC
- Desktop
- Laptop/Notebook
- Palmtop/PDA
- Workstation
- Server
- Mainframe
- Minicomputer
- Supercomputer
- Wearable

To find out more information about each type of computer, you can go here.
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Name the two major classifications of computer software, explain the functions of each? Windows xp falls into which classification?
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Computers are calssified into size shape and capacity and the OS insatalled in it. Like Desktop for official use or home use. Laptop for travelling purpose and other remote functional use, because desktop cannot be taken to the remote places..
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