What Are The Classification Of Computer According To Type Of Processing?


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There are three types of classification of computer according to the type of processor, and these are as follows:

  • Analogue Computers
Analogue computers work with a range of values continuously. This results in the data produced only be approximates. Analogue computers are best used for measuring things such as speed, temperature, voltage and time. Some World War II bombs had small analogue computers attached in order to gauge when they should be released or detonated.

  • Digital Computers
Digital computers, not surprisingly, deal with digital data. This makes them a lot more accurate than analogue computers. They utilize a binary number system, a system with only two numbers, 0 and 1. The standard computers we use today are classed as digital computers.

  • Hybrid Computers
Hybrid computers are a mixture of both analogue and digital. They are very rare as they can be expensive and complicated to produce.

Although the majority of tasks are performed by a digital computer, there is certainly still a lot of value in both analogue and hybrid computers when it comes to more specialized tasks.

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Guest, don't be answering your own question. Maybe yur thinking of digital as opposed to analog computers?

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