What Is The Classification Of Computers?


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There are four main classifications of computers: Mainframe computers, micro-computers mini-computers, and super-computers. Here is a brief breakdown of each:

  • Mainframe computers.
Mainframe computers are extremely powerful and large computers that have the capacity to process the activity of multiple users at one time. Many other smaller, less powerful computers (otherwise known as terminals) are networked with the mainframe, meaning they are attached to the central mainframe computer. From here, the mainframe has the capability to process and store things that come from the connected terminals.

  • Micro-computers.
These are most commonly known as personal computers and the computers that people use on a daily basis. Micro-computers contain their own microprocessor, which performs the job of a mainframe computer but with considerably less power as it is only required to process the activities of one machine.

Microprocessors became the most common type of processing equipment as they featured predominantly in personal computers. They had enough power to perform the basic recreational activities that people owning personal computers required. Typically, personal computers were used for playing music and movies as well as surfing the Internet and word processing amongst other things. Micro-computers are your typical laptop or desktop computers and are widely available at relatively affordable prices.

  • Mini-computers.
These computers fall in the gap between micro-computers and mainframe computers. They possess much more power than a micro-computer, but not enough to perform the tasks of a mainframe computer. These were developed in the 60s and gradually became less expensive as time moved on and technology became more widely available.

  • Super computers.
Super computers are the most powerful computers ever invented. They are used to process an enormous amount of terminal activity; even more than that of a mainframe computer. In fact, in the event of optimizing the performance of a mainframe computer, that will create a super computer.   
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Basically there are various ways through which computers can be classified but I am showing the classifications of the computers on the basis of their performance. The first type of computers are the super computers and they are the most expensive computers. They can process trillions of instructions in seconds and they are not used as personal computers. The example of these computers include the huge computers in various industries.

The second type of computers include the mainframes which are also efficient computers and they can process billions of instructions per second. Examples of mainframe computers include the computers that are used in large airlines and hospitals. Third type of computer is Minicomputer which includes high performance computers but for small businesses and institutions like colleges.

The most common computers are the personal computers which are widely used at homes and they are cheap as well. Their examples include the desktop computers. Another type of computers are the notebooks or the laptops which are getting very common nowadays because of their portability and light weights.

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Classsification of computers by purpose:
1.) General Purpose Computers
2.) Special Purpose Computers
Data Handled:
1.) Analog
2.) Digital
3.) Hybrid
Classificaton According to Capacity
1.) Micro Computer Purposes = 4kilobytes - 64kilobytes storage capacity
2.) Mini Computer Purposes = 8kilobytes - 256kilobytes storage capacity
3.) Medium Size Computer Purpose = 32kilobytes - 512kilobytes storage capacity
4.) Large Computer Purpose = 512kilobytes - 8192kiobytes storage capacity
5.) Super Computer Purpose = 100 times as fast as today computer
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There are many computers which are different from each other in various aspects. Classification of computers are given below.

(1) Micro computers: These computers use a microprocessor chip and this chip is used instead of CPU means that this microprocessor chip works as a CPU.
These computers are also called personal computers. Two major types of these computers are laptop or Desktop computers. Only one user uses these computers at time that's why they are also known as personal computers.

(2) Mini Computers: These are powerful computer. These computers come into existence in 1960s at that time mainframe computer was very costly. Mini computers were available in cheap prices, so users start using it.

(3) Mainframe Computer: It as a very powerful and large computer. You can get idea of its power as it can handle processing of many users at a time.
Terminals are used to connect a user to this computer and users submit there task through mainframe. Terminal is a device which has keyboard and a screen. By using terminal users put inputs into the computer and get the output through screen.

(4) Super Computers: As the name "super computer" specifies that these are most powerful computers even than mainframe. Actually, when we optimize a mainframe computer then we get super computer.

(5) Microprocessor: You will find these computers everywhere. Microprocessor chips are used in many devices as I-pod, DVD, headphone etc.
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Is a microprocessor a type of computer? Kindly explain. My thought is that a computer is by definition made up of three units. The keypad, the screen and any storage device such as the CPU. Does a microprocessor posses these 3 units? Thanks for clarifying this.
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Computers are classified as

Notebook Computers: These are used for word processing, spreadsheet computing, data entry, preparing presentation materials and making presentations.

Personal Computer: They are used to meet the personal computing needs of individuals and support multitasking, which eases user operation and saves lots of time.

Workstation: This is a powerful desktop computer, which is used for computer-aided design, multimedia applications and simulation of complex scientific and engineering problems and visualization of the results of simulation.

Mainframe Systems: These are used for handling the bulk of data and information processing of such organizations as banks, insurance companies, hospitals and railways.

Supercomputers: These are most powerful and expensive computers used for processing complex scientific applications, which require enormous processing power.

Clients and Servers: In a client-server computing environment, a client is generally a single-user PC, which provides a highly user-friendly interface to the end user. It runs client processes, which sends service requests to the server. A server is large computer, which manages a shared resource and provides a set of shared user services to the clients. It runs the server process, which services client requests for use of the resource managed by the server.
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3 major classification of computers
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Classification of computer is divide in to four that is mainframe mini micro and super computer I want a diagram of mainframe and super computer is developed in 1980
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Well there can be many classifications of the computer, but the generally accepted one is as follows

  • Super computers: They are the biggest, the most expensive and the fastest ones.It can process at a speed of trillion instruction per second.
  • Main frame:Can process millions of information, smaller than a super and can receive huge data. Usually used by the hospitals, and airline companies.
  • Mini: Lesser than a mainframe in performance and work.
  • Micro:Used in home, low cost size and speed also known as personal computers.
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Computers are classified in the following categories:
1. Mini computers
2. Micro computers
3. Mainframe computers
4. Super computers
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Suggest asuitable operating system(s) for thefollowing activities:
Distributed Computing
Multimedia Development
Database Management

Identify the requirements on operating system for the above situatuions. Give resons in support of yours selection.
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Can you give the different inventors of computer? And also the also the different acronyms, from the history until the latest?
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Computer is an electric device operated under the control of instruction stored its own memory units,that can accepted data, process data,mathematically @ logically,produce out from the processing @store from the future use

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