How Do You Connect A Camcorder To Computer?


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It is very easy to connect your camcorder to the computer. There are several ways that can help you in connecting the camcorder to the computer. One of the most commonly used methods is connecting camcorder to the firewire port on the back end of the computer. Firewire port is also known as DV (digital video) which was conceptualized in 1985 by Apple computers. AC power should be running into your camcorder, but make sure it is not switched on. Now firewire cable's one end should be connected to the DV port of the camcorder, whereas the other end of the firewire cable should be connected to computer's firewire port. The computer recognizes the camcorder when it is turned on. You should also have the latest DirectX installed on you Windows based computer.

Another method known as the "USB capture" is also used in connecting the camcorder to the computer. This can be done through the USB port present on the camcorder. This USB port doesn't allow transfer of videos as they do not have sufficient bandwidth that can allow transfer of video having digital quality.

You can also visit the following link to understand more about transferring data from your camcorder to your personal computer.
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Google - Connect camera to computer - A tutorial will come up with a  bunch of photos. You can also go to Here. There is a bunch of info there
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You can connect camcorder to the computer with the help of USB cable.

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