What Is The Booting Procedure For A Computer System And The Loading Process Of O/S?


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Booting means the copying Operating System files [minimum required] from Hard drive to RAM. The first procedure of booting is the POST [power on self test] then OS loaded to RAM
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Booting procedure of computer systen can be done in this format
1. You start your computer or restart.
2 While restarting you press "tab"
3. Then you will find 3 options
1.boot up{your hard disk no}
3.floppy disk
4.insert your o.s cd in cd-rom
5. press install
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Loading an O/S depends on the one used.
For Windows NT-based O/S (Win 2000, XP) the process is:

> Load Master Boot Record from boot device (1st sector of disk) (contains program code and partition table (one partition set "active")
> MBR identifies boot partition and loads program code from boot sector (1st sector) >
Load and run NTLDR (expected in root) - ascertians file system (NTFS / FAT); reads boot.ini (expected in root) to present Boot Menu
> Run NTdetect.com (identifies hardware) >
NTLDR loads operating system core (NToskrnl.exe etc. (from system32)
> NToskrnl.exe loads remaining operating system files

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