What Are The Steps Involved From The Time A Computer Is Started Up Until It Starts Running?


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When we start the computer it follows a routine of processes. This routine is called the booting process. The booting process is finished until an operating system is loaded into the memory.

When we star the computer, it first activates a memory called BIOS. BIOS is stand for Basic Input Out Systems and is pronounced as "bye-ose". The BIOS contains the programs to control the peripheral devices like (Keyboard, display screen, disk devices, mouse and etc.)

All these peripheral devices are checked by the BIOS. The amount of RAM and its integrity is also checked. If the RAM or any basic peripheral device has error then the BIOS displays a error message.

Then the BIOS finds the boot loader. The boot loader then loads the operating system. The operation system then starts, loads itself into the memory and takes control of the computer. Every task is done with the help of the operating system. This operating may reside on several kinds of storage devices. Such as Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Network, CD-ROM or flash boot loader. The boot sector is the part of the storage device which contains the start of booting.

We can set the boot sequence in the BIOS setting. The boot sequence defines how to find the boot loader.

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