How Do I Access Hidden Files And Folders On My PC?


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Louise Gorman answered
Go to the section of your hard drive that you want to display the hidden files in (such as 'My Documents'). Click on 'tools' on the menu bar, scroll down and click on 'Folder Options'. A window should now pop up. Click on the 'view tab'.

You should now see a selection of options in the 'Advanced settings' box. Look down the list and you should see 'Hidden files and folders'. Underneath this, you need to click on the 'Show hidden files and folders' option.

Your hidden files should now appear. You can hide them again by repeating the process and clicking on the 'Do not show hidden files and folders' option, which is just above the option that you selected to reveal the folders and files.

There are also a variety of other options for you to choose from, such as showing different items on your computer. For example, one option allows you to 'Show Control Panel in My Computer'.

This may not work on a Mac computer.

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