Who Is The Best Pokemon?


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It depends on what type of Pokemon you like for me i like fire so i could say Infernape or Heatran but other people could disagree because of what they like. And it also depends on how you raise your Pokemon because you could have this awesome Pokemon that only knows really weak moves. Another thing if you use rare candies it makes your Pokemon stats lower then if you raise it by fighting so i would suggest if you do use rare candies to buy protein, iron, carbos, etc and use them before you use rare candies and until it wont let you use them anymore on that one Pokemon. And if you like psychic Pokemon i would suggest mew because he could learn any moves. Hope i helped
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Spiritomb by far. Sure it has slow speed but it knows awesome moves and not many moves can get it, and it's only weak to dark type moves. Plus it's shiny version is AWESOME! That's why spiritomb is the best no other pokemon can top that, no matter what anyone else says.
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Arceus and Mew
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The best pokemon can be a lot of different pokemon, depending on what you mean by best. Arceus has the best overall base stats
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Arceus, palkia, dialga and giratina because they shaped the world of pokemon, the distortion realm, time and space you morons
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Evolutions are the best (in my opinion). I love umbreon a ton! I enjoy (and I do mean joy) some other Pokémon as well like palkia and mew, but if you like a certain Pokémon then get it ASAP. If it's version or event exclusive, then for the sake of living, USE YOUR WALLFUL ( I mean Wi-Fi ) .

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We all have diffrent point of veiws and leganderys are good but it does also depend on ur taste in pokemon i porsonally think dragonites the best even though hes not a lengandery, it also bepends on how well you train them and their nature so theres not really a best pokemon.
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Matthew Jones answered
Azelf, uxie, mesprit, darkrai, palkia, dialga, giratina, shaymin, Mew, Mewtwo or arceus are probably the best

(they're all legendaries)
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I think mudkip,dialga,glaceon,torterra,palkia,phione,empoleon,darkrai,articuno,and azelf are the best pokemon. I am a icewater trainer. I have to say, Joe my friend, would say infernape.
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Like Sir Danny4ever said, it's purely on your preference. You could absolutely HATE Mew while others say they LOVE Mew. For example, I prefer Fire and Psychic types, especially Gallade or Ninetales, but other people can disagree on that, like, say, Gardevoir pwns Gallade and Gallade could just go and suck his a** in its own little corner of emoness. Obviously, I would disagree. Ultimately, it's a personal decision. Ciao! <3

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