What Is The Best Team For Pokemon Heartgold?


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Ummmm. I say most people who answered this are drunk!!!! Most people were using pokemon that were not even in this region.

- Spikes
- Roost
- Drill Peck/Brave Bird
- Whirlwind

Your standard Spiker. Whirlwind to hurl away stat boosters, Roost for recovery and Drill Peck for STAB.

- Energy Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- Leaf Storm
- HP Fire

Leaf Storm for powerful STAB, Energy Ball and Sludge Bomb for STAB, HP Fire to get past Steels and eliminate some of its weaknesses.

- Dark Pulse
- Nasty Plot
- Substitute

Standard Sub-Plotter set. Sub, and when you get the chance use Nasty Plot to boost your SpA and Attack with two STABs.

- Dragon Dance
- Ice Punch
- Waterfall
- Earthquake

Standard. DD to raise stats, then attack with Waterfall for STAB, EQ and Ice Punch for coverage.

- Shadow Ball
- Thunderbolt
- Hypnosis
- Focus Blast

Shadow Ball for STAB, Hypnosis for status support, Focus Blast for Dark types and T-bolt for coverage.

- Double Edge
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Explosion

All out attacker. Stone Edge and EQ for STAB, Explosion for when Hp's running low, Double Edge for neutral coverage on most types.
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Andrew Maley
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This team got me so far in nationals. But also u might think about adding a stealth rock in on golems move set.
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Pretty much any pokemon as long as they are these types...
and grass
...this is a perfect team because no matter what type the opponent chooses   you will always have a super effective type against it..so this team covers all of the pokemon types so you never have a problem with stronger pokemon
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I've gone through the pokedex several time and have compiled a balanced team that is easy to get, and crazy strong. Each one varies for starters.

Starter: Chikorita
Meganium, Lapras, Arcanine, Rhydon, Snorlax, Dragonite

Starter: Tododile
Feraligator, Arcanine, Exeggutor, Rhydon, Snorlax, Dragonite

Starter: Cyndaquil
Typhlosion, Lapras, Exeggutor, Rhydon, Snorlax, Dragonite.

Hope this helps.
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Mine is
Typlosion lv 62
Gyrados lv58
Tyranitar lv 59
Ampharos lv60
Togekiss lv 57
Snorlax lv54
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My best team is

Magmortor-over heat,flamethrower,fire blast, hyper beam

Electivire-cross chop,thunder,electric terrain, giga impact

Heracross-close combat,mega horn, brick brake, arial ace

Espion-psybeam, last resort, psychic, psyshock

Lapras- blizzard, ice beam, hydro pump, brine

Dragonite-outrage, Draco meteor, hurricane, dragon rush

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You dont need a starter i have a magmortar galade electivire togekiss drapion and rypherior all between 60 and 80 and beaten the leauge loads of times
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My Team:

Hidden Power
Shadow Ball

Rock Climb
Stone Edge

Frenzy Plant
Magical Leaf
Petal Dance

Hyper Beam
Aqua Tail

Fire Blast
Extreem Speed

Steel Wing
Wing Attack
Secret Power
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I have lapras lv92 surf, ice beam, body slam, brine
scizor lv89 x-scissor, slash, wing attack, iron head
donphan lv89 strength, earthquake, assurance, giga impact
riachu lv93 quick attack, double team, thunder ,thunderbolt
dragonite lv91 hyperbeam, ice beam, fly, dragon pulse
lucario lv89 dragon pulse, force palm, earthquake, aura sphere
this team remains unbeaten and has defeated the elite four many times but requires a lot of training. When using lucario or donphan try to use them with dragonite as he is flying and is unafected. I have raichu as I wanted the electric advantage of this game but ampharos was a little obvious to me
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I was thinking of making my team like this (keep in mind this is moveset is for Johto region so max level will be like 45)
>Feraligatr) icefang, slash, crunch, water gun(unless better water tm to replace)
>Magmortar)flamethrower, fire punch, lava plume, confuse ray
>Gengar) hypnosis, shadow ball, shadow punch, dream eater
>Jolteon) thunder fang, thunder bolt, quick attack, double team
>Rhyperior) stone edge, hammer arm, take down, earthquake
>heracross) close combat, brick break, aerial ace, take down
I plan on replacing magmortar with ho-oh when I get it
hope this gave you some ideas and tell me if you find improvements with pokemon or moves
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devin jones
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First off dont get hoho it sucks replace it with tyranitar go to safari zone set it up to have mountain area and get larvitar and just grind level it to 55
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The team I use for fighting against  red is
Donphan- earthquake, stealth rock, defence curl, rollout.
(sturdy)(earth plate)
Rapidash- flare blitz, sunny day, solarbeam, bounce.
(flash fire)(charcoal)
Luxray- thunder fang, crunch, charge beam, discharge.
Tyranitar- rock slide, payback, sandstorm, screech.
(sand stream)(muscle band)
Machamp- dynamic punch, low kick, cross chop, focus energy.
(no guard)(shell bell)
Meganium- Synthisis, sunny day, giga drain, solarbeam.
(overgrow)(miracle seed)

I use this team all the time, hope this gives you some useful ideas :D
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Well I would suggest a strong totidile or feragilater with a fire type pokemon  a ground pokemon and a grass pokemon
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A thyplosion a tyranitar a ho oh red gyrados amharos and locario if tou don't have locario victreybell get amphyros!
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Easy one:
Typloshion(Speacal attacker and attacker)
Forretress(Defenser and Side Effecter)
Alakazam(Drainer plus stat booster)
Lapras(Surfer and HP high)
Starapter(Flyer with Brave Bird while holding Sitrus berry)
Dragonite or Garchomp(For power and Hidden Attacker)
All about stratagy
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There isn't one...As long as your team can get the advantage over the type you should be ok.
  Fire------Garchomp(Dig/Crunch/Dragon Claw/Rock Climb)
  Dragonite(Surf, Waterfall,Dragon Rush,Draco Meteor)
  Water------Luxray(Thunderbolt/Crunch/Strength/Charge Beam)
  Meganium(Petal Dance/Earthquake/Frenzy Plant/Solarbeam)
  Grass------Infernape(Close Combat/Cut/Fire Blast/Flare Blitz)
  Staraptor (Defog*/Fly/Aerial Ace/Close Combat)
Well, you get the idea.
*I migrated Staraptor (+Infernape/Garchomp/Luxray)from Platinum so thats why Staraptor still has Defog ...I don't have any Heart Scales to make it remember a move once I delete it....:(
  Hope this Helps!
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Petal dance
Energy ball
Giga drain

sky uppercut
Double kick
Blaze kick
Brave bird

hydro cannon
Flash cannon
Hydro pump

thunder punch
Shadow ball
Willo wisp

Dragon claw
Earthquake TM
Dragon rush
Dragon pulse

Sky attack
Aura sphere
Ancient power
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Charizard - level 100 - (flamethrower, heat wave, earthquake, fly).
Swampert - level 90 - (surf, waterfall, rock slide, blizzard).
Meganium - level 79 - (petal dance, frenzy plany, giga drain, cut).
Metagross - level 76 - (psychic, hammer arm, shadow ball, meteor mash).
Ampharos - level 80 - (thunder, focus blast, rock climb, signal beam).
Salamence - level 76 - (draco meteor, crunch, dragon rush, fire blast).

Swampert is legendary as it is water type but is unaffected by electricity. :D
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Pikachu lv.75
snorlax lv.72
charzard lv.79
venasaur lv.82
squirtle lv.78
umbreon lv.99
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Andrew Maley
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Might wanna add moves they should have. And why is that team level random. They should all be around the same level.
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My (non-wi-fi team) would be Ferelagtr, arcanine, honchkrow, jolteon, Ferelagtr and alakazam/gengar/another good psychic type...
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Well have really strong pokemon an example is my team but you need other games to get them all dialga level 100 palkia level 100 giratina lvl 100 rayquaza level 100 torterra level 100and darkrai level 100
ps thats my best team
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Andrew Maley
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Thats not a really strong team at all. See how u have basically 1 type of pokemon. One dragon type pokemon will mess up your team. Go to tournaments withe that team and see what happens,
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Undeafeatable Shuckle

Held item: Leftovers
Moves: Toxic, Safeguard, substitute and your choice of wrap, dig, sandstorm
Ability: Sturdy, prevented from 1 hit ko (important)
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Electivire(sitrus berry)
Magmortar(sitrus berry)
Alakazam(sitrus berry)
Gengar(focus sash)
Machamp(sitrus berry)
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I think you should use a tyrannitar, ho-oh/lugia*,ninetales/arcanine*,espeon/umbreon,scizor and a bellosom or breloom hope it helped

* depending which game you are using
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Typhlosion lvl 78
Ampharos lvl 81
Ariadios lvl 90
Luigia lvl 82
Steelix lvl 71
Starmie lvl 81
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I'm geting

right now I have two beat the elite for so my team got me far (the way I trained is 10 lv each gym) I hope that helps you at all
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My team is unbeaten and totally strong with no cheats-   Sceptile Lv.100 - Moves;Leaf Blade, Hyper Beam, Solar Beam, Cut.   Kyogre Lv. 78 - Moves;Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Surf, Sheer Cold. Rayquaza Lv. 77 - Moves; Flamethrower, Hyper Beam, Fly, Iron Tail.   Dragonite Lv. 58 - Moves; Waterfall, Surf, Dragon Rush, Draco Meteor.    Metagross Lv. 56 - Moves; Psychic, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Meteor Mash.   Tyranitar Lv. 55 - Moves; Hyper Beam, Stone Edge, Dark Pulse, Earthquake.   I'm trying to level up my Tyranitar so I give it a ton Carbos, and Iron and battle with it a lot. I hope this helped. :)
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I have Feraligatr (Surf, Ice Fang, Bite, and Shadow Claw. Lv. 60)Rayquaza (Strength, Outrage, Dragon Claw, and Fly. Lv.100)Regirock (Hammer Arm, Charge Beam, Rock Smash, and Strength. Lv.100)Palkia (Spacial Rend, Strength, Surf, and Rock Smash. Lv. 78)Dialga (Roar of Time, Heal Block, Cut, and Dragon Claw. Lv.78)And Ho-oh (Extrasensory, Shadow Ball, Fly, and Sacred Fire. Lv.47)Tip: Level 100 won't always work. Moves can miss. And then there's weaknesses.Tip: Heal Block is really helpful!It prevents the foe from using items like Full Restore for 2 to 5 turns.
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Weavile lv 74
Dark Pulse
Ice Punch
Shadow Claw
Night Slash

Feraligatr lv 72
Ice Fang
Aqua Tail

Garchomp lv 67
Dragon Rush
Dragon Claw

Infernape lv 70
Rock Slide
Close Combat

Honchcrow lv 65
Night Slash
Dark pulse
Faint Attack

Leafeon lv 68
Rock Smash
Aerial Ace
Seed Bomb
Razor Leaf
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Electivire, Porygon-Z, Dragonite, Garchomp, Magmortar, and Aerodactyl. Note, these are all trained max for their offensive stat. Aerodactyl is Adamant, 255 EV's, 31 IV's in attack, Porygon-Z, Modest, 255... Etc. They all also have I think 100 - 200 EV's in Speed. The only reason I have Pokemon that are easly defeated by a certain type, is because they have moves to counteract it. Garchomp knows Iron head. Simple enough. I hope this might have helped.
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The meanest team out....my team
typhlosion lvl 80
red gyarados lvl 74
charizard lvl 78
dragonite lvl 80
tyranitar lvl 76
electivire lvl 80
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Gyarados: Dragon Dance, Stone Edge, Waterfall, Earthquake
Arcanine: Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Thunder Fang, Fire Blast
Jolteon: Thunderbolt, Hidden Power Grass, Substitue, Baton Pass
Forretress: Earthquake, Spikes, Rapid Spin, Rest
Spiritomb: Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot, Will-o-Wisp, Dark Pulse
Alakazam: Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Trick

Use Forretress as your trapper and rapid spinner,  Gyarados, Arcanine, and Alakazam work as Sweepers. Forretress is also a physical wall. Jolteon and Spiritomb can work as sweepers and as defense.
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My best team well teams if you are using cheats then here is team 1
arceus-100-move set,-roar of time-spiecal rend- shadow force- and judgement - holding item   ghost plate or dark plate
any fire type you want-100-move set-magma storm- sacred fire- aura sphere- mega kick
raquza(sry spelled wrong) - 100- move set- fly-hydro cannon-earth power-outrage rest pick whatever you want this is my top three
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I Think:

Feraligatr Because it's the best starter
Raikou Because it's insanely strong
Ho-oh/Charizard because they can fly and are the fire type
Espeon/Alakazam because they are both powerful psychic types
Sceptile/Bellossom because they are good grass types
Machamp/Lucario/Heracross because they are powerful fighting types

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I'm using Honchkrow, Electivire, Magmortar, Dragonite, Feraligatr and Jirachi. It's a good balance
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My team:
Gardevoir( to make dunsparce go first with trick room.)
Dunsparce( super flincher, 71% of flinching when holding king's rock.)
Tyrannitar( physical attack w/ stealth rock, plus if you use stealth rock it automatically kills shedinja.)
Typhlosion(Special moveset, make it extremely fast and give it an iron ball and teach it fling, 130 damage)
Cacturne( teach it sucker punch so it automatically goes first.)
Flygon/garchomp(teach it draco meteor, blackthorn city tutor.)
hope this helps
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All proper raised lvl 100s
arceus(surf rock climb whirlpool jugement)
charizard(fly fire blast flare blitz blast burn)
tyranitar(thunder rocksmash hyper beam earthquake)
ho-oh(punishment fireblast sacred fire sky attack)
mewtwo ( aura sphere psychic flamethrower blizzared)
metagross( giga impact hyperbeam zen headbutt metal claw)
hope it help (garrentied to win all battles
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Mine is

lv 62 gengar
lv 61 ho oh
lv 65 tyranitar
lv 69 dragonite
lv 47 pikachu (exp share)
lv 75 feraligatr
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Mine is

lv 62 gengar
lv 61 ho oh
lv 65 tyranitar
lv 69 dragonite
lv 47 pikachu (exp share)
lv 75 feraligatr
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Lols Some Of You Are Using Pokemon From Othere Regions
This Is my Team:

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Typlosion lv 89
lucario lv 83
lugia lv 68
red gyarados lv 78
ampharos lv 88
sucine lv 100
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It may not be the best team but my favorite (-=lv.)
Red Gyarados-51
Fearow-44 (lol)
Jirachi-30 (exp share)
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A level 100 umbreon
a level 100 lucario
a level 100 heatran
a level 100 swampert
a level 100 giratina
a level 100 rotom
nothin really exceptional but really strong with good nature and characteristic
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I have
Typholshion lv 65
Blastorois lv 67
Flareon lv 66
Beedrill lv 65
Butterfree lv 66
Pidgeot lv 65
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You have two fire types and podgeot and butterfree are both weak my team of dragonairlvl.36 poliwrathlvl. 57 raikoulvl. 57 ho-ohlvl. 57 pupitarlvl. 35 mewtwolvl. 75 could beat you
Andrew Maley
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You have two fire types plus two useless bug types. If your gonna get a bug type use heracross.
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Feraligatr, Tyranitar, lugia, glaceon, tangrowth, gengar. And I'm thinking to put blissey somewhere in there. It has around 700 health at 100. Giver her leftovers and teach her siesmic toss, spikes, sweetkiss, and dreameater.
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The best team for heart gold would probably be

Red Gyrados: Waterfall, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Headbutt
Maganium: Magical Leaf, Strength, Frenzy Plant, Reflect
Feraligatr: Ice Fang, Hydro Cannon, Surf, Dragon  Pulse
Typhlosion:Flame Wheel, Blast Burn, Headbutt, Flamethrower
Ho-oh: Extrasensory, Fly, Fire Blast, Sacred Fire
Fearow: Fly, Assurance, Aerial Ace, Fury Attack(plz note that you should let fearow hold the silk scarf!)

Hope this helps you out and I didn't use action replay to get all three starters!
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My team is the best I have an Arceus level 100 moves- extremespeed overheat blizzard and judgement  a Darkrai level 100 moves-Dream eater Dark void x scissor and shadow claw. Venasaur level 100 moves- solarbeam grass knot sludge bomb petal dance Steelix level 80 moves iron tail explosion earthquake rock slide Blastoise level 80 moves - hydro cannon blizzard surf waterfall Charizard level 70 moves- blast burn flame thrower dragon claw and defog that is my dream team these are my stats 39 battles 38 win(s) 1 draw (s) 0 loss(s)
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Raquaza*, rhyperior*, metagross*, togekiss*, gyrados, and ditto*
  * = shiny
all at level 100
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My best team is:
Staraptor lv 100
MewTwo  lv  89
Palkia    lv    87
Empoleon lv 98
Torterra lv 89
Morfeno lv  78
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I am currently using

Gengar:  Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, and Dream Eater
Alakazam:  Energy Ball, Psychic, Focus Blast, and Charge Beam
Magneton:  Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Toxic, and Supersonic
Crobat:  Poison Fang, Aerial Ace, Double Team, and Confuse Ray
Shuckle:  Sandstorm, Toxic, Protect, Extremespeed, and Aerial Ace

Some strategies are to:
Put Shuckle with Magneton or Shuckle
put Alakazam with Crobat
put Dragonite with Gengar or Magneton

( Status problems are vital here!!! )
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I wrote this and I made a mistake.

Shuckle: Sandstorm, Toxic, Protect, and Rest
Dragonite: Dragon Claw, Extremespeed, Aerial Ace, and Earthquake
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I have:
Rayquaza lv 100
Charizard lv 100
Dragonite lv 100
Hitmontop lv 100
Garchomp lv 100
Salamance lv 100

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