Are There Any Good Places To Train Higher Level Pokemon In Heart Gold?


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This is what I think is the best places to train!

Lv 5-20    give lv 5-20 pokemon a exp share and train it with the stronger pokemon at a place with strong pokemon.

Lv 20-35    train at route 27 battle trainers or wild pokemon, wild pokemon lv 28-32.

Lv 35-45    train at victory road or go to mt silver and fish with the super rod at the water, when fishing there you always get lv 40 gyradoses and seakings.

Lv 45-75    train at mt silver.

Lv75-90    train at the pokemon leage

lv 90-100    go at the very end of mt silver where red is and battle him till you get to lv 100!!!

Hope I helped,bye!
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This is how I train:
I go online to see how to get gym leader's phone number.
I change the time after saving the game.(Or, time travel as a person said above)
Choose a gym leader that a pokemon of yours is good against.
Then FIGHT over and OVER!
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I suggest gym leader rematches...they all have lv 50-60 have to meet them out of the gym first and get their phone gives a list...I also suggest getting a lucky egg...wild chansey hold it 5% of the time.
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The best place for me is the elite four.  I have beaten it more than 5 times so the pokemon are in the 60s and 70s.  If I'm training lower level pokemon I give them the exp share and have stronger ones battle.  If I'm training higher level I just have them battle.
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I don't know any good places, but you can re-match the gym leaders which is GrEaT, if you 'time travel' you can challenge them all in one day, also give your mum all your money so you don't lose any then keep going through the elite four, those the easiest ways for me, plus you get more EXP. From battling trainers than other pokemon. P.s. Time travelling is when you play with the DS's time settings. Cheers!
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My best place is the Pokemon League and Mt.Silver ( PkMn Trainer Red ). I fought the league with all Lv.100 pokemon which I transferred over from my Pokemon Platinum. I suggest you train
a few pokemon up to like around Lv.70-75 maybe just a few and go Pokemon League as
many times as possible. I'm playing Heartgold and I trained my Lv.45 Ho-Oh and Lv.70 Lugia
to Lv.100 by going Pokemon League for a day. To me, I personally do not think that fighting
Wild Pokemon is a great idea. For more advanced players who have Lv.85-100 pokemon,
(like me) should go and fight Red. Red is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Ok, lets say
you want to train your Lv.50 starter. (Lets just say) If you have dragon Pokemon who know the
move Outrage that will be great against the so-called weak "Champion Red" If you get confused
after 2 turns just switch it out and switch back. I used this team while fighting "Weakling Red" :
Rayquaza (Lv.100),Darkrai (Lv.100), Lugia  (Lv.88 now lv.100), Kyogre ( Lv.100), Groudon (Lv.100) and last but not least, a weak Lv.58 Typolosion. For intermediate players, I suggest
you bring Lv.45-50 and challenge the Kanto Gyms. After that I think you would have trained
up quite a bit like Lv.60 already? For beginners, don't feel discouraged. =) Just travel around
the Johto Region and you will find yourself getting better. If you are a "pro" with some
Legendary Lv.100s ( like me ) and you want to train some weak leveled pokemon, give them
exp share or macho brace and go pokemon league!!! I'm training my Latias and Jirachi now
which are both Lv.90 since morning Latias was only a weak Lv.35 and Jirachi was Lv.60.
Set your goals higher- Like me, now I'm aiming to get the whole National Pokedex!!

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The ultimate way to train pokemon is get them traded use exp share in battle and get infected with pokerus, lemme explain, if you hold the exp share you get double experience points and pokerus is a rare mutation which duz nothing but doubles xp and traded pokemon get double aswell so in theory normal pokemon are +1 and all that makes it +6 so 1500 exp would be 9000!!!

Hope this helps p.s 100 streak in battle tower is stupidly hard!!!
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The best way to train, honestly, is to find wild pokemon that are close to your level. At the level your team is currently at, I would suggest outside Mt. Silver, and for those with advantages against ground-types, inside Mt. Silver. This way, you fight a slightly larger variety of Pokemon, and your stats will rise more evenly, rather than a stat you never use rising drastically while the stats you do use don't rise at all. It takes a lot of patience, but if you put your mind to it, you can pull it off. This is the way I have trained my Pokemon since the original games were released, and competitive play is my specialty, so I do know what I'm talking about.
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Well I don't really know any really good places but when I was around your level I trained in victory road. They're around level 33 and are alright exp. Just stick to it, and eventually you'll level up. Good luck!! =)
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I would go to the elite four or victory road to train it is also a good idea to  get the gym leaders phone numbers and battle them
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I just leveled my staraptor and I put an exp gain on it and put all my level hundreds and used them and beat the elite four
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For me pokemon league is the best way to level up using my level 100 palkia and ho-oh with the exp. Share on lvl it after that go direct to red thats all..

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The easiest way for me was to basically cheat.
Trade a pokemon for a different pokemon that's 10 level or higher, and keep doing that (on the gts). And eventually, you'll get all level 100's!!
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Its sooo easy to level up just go to saffron city phone the gym leaders on a certain day then hey presto Level 70-80s. I did it for a day vsing bugsy and now I have a level 65 golduck hehe
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Best way is to train team evenly I do them five levels at a time keep battling elite four I've beaten them 26 times with
lugia lv82
feraligator lv85
dragonite lv85
blaziken lv85
gengar lv85
raikou lv85
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I have already beaten the Pokemon league once, I have
Typhlosion lv 80
Magneton lv 76
Lugia lv 74
Mewtwo lv 70
Kadabra lv 38
Tentacruel lv 25
Which is the best place to train my pokemon?

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