What Is The Best Team For Pokemon Soul Silver?


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I've been planning lately.. My team is kinda bad. But
Dragon Dance --- Fly
Dragon Claw --- Brick Break
Electivire ( I might remove Light Screen and let it learn more electric move... )
ThunderPunch ( STAB ) --- Rock Climb
Light Screen --- Ice Punch
Psycho Cut --- Zen Headbutt
Close Combat --- Drain Punch
EarthQuake --- Stone Edge
Crunch --- Thunder Punch

I haven't finish planning, I've been planning getting 1 fire ( arcanine or Magmortar ) and 1 Water ( Milotic )
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I decided to start a new game in soul silver !
I Want to win against jasmine.
So I trained my pokemon.
My Team is:
Typhlosion lv. 45. /Fire blast,  Strengh, Flamethrower , Swift
Red Gyrados lv. 45./ Surf, Aqua tail, Ice fang, Dragon Rage
Nidoking lv. 45/ Earth power,  Shadow claw, Poison jab, Rock smash

Rhydon  lv.45/ Hammer arm, Stone edge, Stomp, Horn drill
Ampharos lv. 45/ Signal Beam, Discharge, Thunder punch,  Headbutt

Dragonair lv.45/ Thunder, Aqua tail,  Dragon rush, Dragon Rage

Yes, i enjoy training my pokemon <3

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This is my team:

Blastoise - water
Charizard - fire/flying
Gengar - ghost/poison
Meganium - grass
Jolteon - electric
and Snorlax - normal

Having lots of different Pokemon types makes it better for online battling, if anyone sends out a grass Pokemon, it may have an advantage against my Blastoise, but I have Gengar and Charizard to wipe it out easily.

Hope this helps!
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I've got two teams I switch out every now and then. All level 100 by the way.                                                                                                  Team 1 consists of: Typhlosion    Team 2 consists of: Blaziken                                      Empoleon                                                Blastoise                                        Sceptile                                          Torterra                                    Electivire                                              Jolteon                                      Tyranitar                                              Rhyperior                                  Dragonite                                            Scizor
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My team is
arceus lv. 87 knows fly, heat wave, waterfall, and hyper voice
electivire lv.69 knows rock climb, ice punch, cross chop, and earthquake
alakazam lv. 64 future sight, psychic, role play, and trick
machamp lv. 70 cross chop, vacuum wave, payback, and strength
suicune lv. 68 rain dance, aurora beam, surf, and mirror coat
and tyranitar lv. 81 crunch, thunder, stone edge, and water pulse
no cheats at all ^___^
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My team is

ho-oh lv.70
dialga lv.100
mewtwo lv.70
rampardos lv.100
dragonite lv.67
empoleon lv.86

those are my team and I dint us action replay or that stuff please add pints up if you think my pokemons are strong
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My pokemon team in soulsilver is:

Mewtwo lv.100. Attacks:psychic, aura sphere, charge beam, water pulse.

Lugia lv.100. Attacks:psychic, aeroblast, hydro pump, shock wave.

Groudon lv.100. Attacks:Earthquake, solar beam, eruption, (one more attack. I don't remember name but when used your sp. Attack is fall)

Ho-Oh lv.100. Attacks:sacred fire, fly, flame burst, punishment.

Zapdos lv.100. Attacks:discharge, fly, drill peck, steel wing.

Articuno lv.100. Attacks:ice beam, fly, sheeder cold, ancit power.

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