How Do You Get Celebi In Pokemon Soul Silver And Heart Gold?


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Three methods exist for obtaining Celebi in Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold, and these are special Pokemon events, performing certain actions in the game, and entering a special code. Pokemon events are held all around the world, and there are websites which track them. At these events you can obtain Celebi. This is definitely the safest way of obtaining Celebi, since these events are sanctioned. You won't need to worry about any strange codes disrupting your game or even damaging it.

Codes are also available online, at various different websites. You can find them by entering what you're looking for (such as "Celebi code”) into any search engine. However, you should always remember that entering the wrong code puts you at risk of damaging your game, and so caution must be used. While some of these codes have apparently been user-tested and should be safe, it's always best to be careful. After all, it's possible to lose data, which can set you back in gameplay significantly.

In gameplay, things are a bit more complicated. You must first obtain a certain apricorn through Oak. Once you've done this, have Kurt in the game create the GS ball. Once you have the ball, you must bring it to the Azalea Forests Shrine. Once you've done this, a Celebi should appear. However, it's been reported that this does not work for everybody. You can find online tutorials which you can watch for step-by-step instructions. This is perhaps the best way to attempt to obtain Celebi using gameplay.

Every player's use of language is different and if you understand something wrong, you may make a wrong move in your game. It's much easier to follow visual instructions when dealing with video games. If you can't obtain a Celebi through this method, you may have to wait for the next Pokemon event near you.
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Hey ppl. Tell you what, I just got Soul Silver and once I am able to transfer pkm from my Fire Red I will start giving out celebi at any level you want for free. (Any pokemon, doesn't matter) Check back here next month and I'll post my friend code. ^_^
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Green, there r 2 official ways in gaining Celebi in the games. most people have been stating through a Pokemon Event, of which you just use mystery gift and thats that. And gaining a special apricorn through Oak and having Kurt create the GS ball for you. Then, once you have received it you bring the ball to Azalea Forests Shrine and a Lv10, or 30 Celebi should appear. If the 2nd one does not work then unfortunetly you will have to wait for a Pokemon Event near you. I hope that I was of some help.
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I   will   trade   my   LV .100   MANAHY   FOR   ANY   CELIBI   ON   JULY      15TH      AND   MY   FREIND   CODE   is   3910   9742   6664   GO   ON   AT      1;00   and   it   will   hold   a   master   ball
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1. Go to an event near your place

2. Use an Action Replay code. I have a code (at least it works for me, tested on Soul Silver). Here is the code:
94000130 FCFF0000-62111880 00000000-B2111880 00000000-E000F710 00000088-685C0014 462A0000-4E640300 3DCD98AA-E5015248 2C45A57E-EBADFB57 A259F359-97EE7D12 50622E14-9DB56C71 F1FC5532-3A497C7D 6E52011A-C66C9B7A 9B76815D-373D2D40 8C545892-B553198B 0B0D2667-E2073D3F F46B6618-F83DC582 70E5862B-B095DA94 89DF3F1B-C8BEEC3C 00F02AA2-5EF4424D 2DBA035F-60A585DF DF5D19B2-08D64730 334C5371-D2000000 00000000
After entering this code, and started up your game press L+R, you will find a shiny Celebi Lv.10 in Box 1, Slot 1 (it has it's Japanese name though).

3. Maybe you can transfer a Celebi from a gamecube or other console...

Good luck!
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To get Celebi use Action Replay.....This code gives you a lv 10 shiny Celebi  but it replaces the first Pokemon in box 1, slot 1. So be sure to remove the Pokemon there or to put a low level Pokemon there.
94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
E000F710 00000088
685C0014 462A0000
4E640300 3DCD98AA
E5015248 2C45A57E
EBADFB57 A259F359
97EE7D12 50622E14
9DB56C71 F1FC5532
3A497C7D 6E52011A
C66C9B7A 9B76815D
373D2D40 8C545892
B553198B 0B0D2667
E2073D3F F46B6618
F83DC582 70E5862B
B095DA94 89DF3F1B
5EF4424D 2DBA035F
60A585DF DF5D19B2
08D64730 334C5371
D2000000 00000000
Beckiiee (Rebecca Farmer)
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My friend got celebi with out the event or gs ball I don't know how but he did not hack but I believe that you can get it with the gs ball by finding a rare berry
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There really is going to be a gamestop event coming out in maybe april or may because it is about a month or 2 after the japanese event. America gets everything late so. When you get celebi you can got to the forest (forgot which one...) and use the time warp move and it takes you back in time and that is the event I guess
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at night time I really need a glaceon or a japan celebi thanks.
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I hear the gs ball is fake and don't listen to the long codes to get pokemon I tried on diamond   it deleated my regigigas and replaced it with a bad egg         so I need help to get it o-f-f off hurry
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The real celebi code I tried it it works
92111880 a7627110.                                                                                                                        D2000000 00000000.                                                                                                                  52111880 000000000
72111446 00000000
D2000000 00000000

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