How To Catch Celebi On Pokemon Heart Gold Without Action Replay Or Cheat Codes?


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Ok ok ok just calm down I found a way with out event action replay or cheat codes est. To get the celebi but you must first require the following #1. Must beat the elite four #2. Get the first gym badge in kanto region in vermilion of course #3. You must caught both ho-oh and luigia on either version but CANNOT trade one from the other thats cheating and it wont WORK...#4. Go back to bell tower and talk to head master guy that gives you that T.M in the beging of the game you must have your volume on to hear the music change if it does it worked but if it doesnt PLAN.B go to bugsy the gym leader I forgot what town but gi talk to him and he says well look at the you all grown up want to do me a favor? You pick yes of course? And he gets on that spider thing you must get out to and go to the forest shrine and you see bugsy there and he says well here you goes and the screen turns black and hes gone the screen has ... Two lines and you here celebi's sound walk to the shrine and touch it and it attacks you if you kill it go to viridian forest and walk in the grass a couple of times ull find him thank you for your time hopes it helps it worked for me thanks : )

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