How Do You Get Ekans On Pokemon Platinum?


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Get it through the swarms, which can only be activated after obtaining the National Dex. Talk to Lucas'/Dawn's little sister in the the house at the lower right corner on sangem town. She will say," What did that news say now? There are a bunch of (pokemon name) on (Route # / Mt. / Cave). You better hurry (Trainer name), I want you to do better than my (brother/sister),

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You have to insert firered in then go to fuego iron works and it should be there
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You hi I want ekans very bad and I have went threw 4 months by skipping days but is there a beater way to e=get them
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You can't Ekans is one of the pokemon missing on platinum but there is 1 way of getting one you could insert gba game in the gba slot and go by the side of route 212 and walk around in tall grass and there you have a Ekans !! !! !!

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