Pokemon Platinum How To Get Mew?


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Hi, well you can get by having palkia, dialga, unknown m, e, w and picachu, go to full moon island  and evolve picachu, using a moon stone, it should be come a mew. It may not work so please don't be mad at me, I am only trying to help.
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Are you sure that you r supposed to use a moon stone on a pikachu? Well,I haven't tried it yet, so I'll see if your right.(if only I wasn't grounded from my dsi) And also,do unown,and pikachu have to be a high level? My pikachu is only a level 35.And my unown are around 20.
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Let me tell you. Since I have six MEW's lvl 100 in my team, I can answer.
First, you have to catch mew in pokemon firered, leafgreen or emerald. You can then migrate it to Platinum. Secondly, if you have an AR ( Action Replay), you can select mew in the pokemon moditor. Then, go to the grass and when a wild pokemon fight starts, press select. After 2 tries, you'll find mew wild in the grass. Isn't it neat?

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