Do You Have Facebook? Is It Worth Having?


10 Answers

Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Yes I do. It is good if you want to find someone you have lost contact with.
s h Profile
s h answered
Yes i do and i can talk with all my family and friends in the east because of it so i think it is worth it because i believe  without family we have nothing and without friends we feel lost
Karen Profile
Karen answered
FB is fun if u r old and lookin for hs friends...and then like my brother dies so it was easy to tell everyone....
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
Yes, I have Facebook.  That's another site to make or find friends.  One can also keep in touch with Facebook just by chatting in the chat box. Only problem is, it's NOT private. Others can see your chat. The yahoo messenger is better, more private.

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