Is There A Action Replay Code To Get Celebi In Pokemon Soul Silver?


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Celebi Event: (L+R) ( Read the bottom before typing in this AR code) (Works for both Games)

94000130 FCFF0000
62111880 00000000
B2111880 00000000
E000F710 00000088
685C0014 462A0000
4E640300 3DCD98AA
E5015248 2C45A57E
EBADFB57 A259F359
97EE7D12 50622E14
9DB56C71 F1FC5532
3A497C7D 6E52011A
C66C9B7A 9B76815D
373D2D40 8C545892
B553198B 0B0D2667
E2073D3F F46B6618
F83DC582 70E5862B
B095DA94 89DF3F1B
5EF4424D 2DBA035F
60A585DF DF5D19B2
08D64730 334C5371
D2000000 00000000

This Special Celebi appears in Box 1 and Slot 1, so make sure that there is no pokemon in Box 1 and Slot 1. The special Celebi is shiny, and is lv. 10.
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Yes but later on in the year there will be an event for it
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Use the code below
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(hold l+r and it will be in slot 1 box 1 of your pc)
94000130 fcff0000
62111880 00000000
b2111880 00000000
e000f710 00000088
685c0014 462a0000
4e640300 3dcd98aa
e5015248 2c45a57e
ebadfb57 a259f359
97ee7d12 50622e14
9db56c71 f1fc5532
3a497c7d 6e52011a
c66c9b7a 9b76815d
373d2d40 8c545892
b553198b 0b0d2667
e2073d3f f46b6618
f83dc582 70e5862b
b095da94 89df3f1b
c8beec3c 00f02aa2
5ef4424d 2dba035f
60a585df df5d19b2
08d64730 334c5371
d2000000 00000000
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Hey guys what should I do I got the celebi but what do you have to do to time travel I did go the forest but nothing happend
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895ff874 45ad8484
0000ee89 d3450000
d2000000 00000000
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I need the AR codes for the english version of soul silver for team rocket back story does anyone know ot or when the event in the us for celebi or where you can find it?
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The first one was a big phoney I mean fcff232? Their's one letter missing
!!! And the one three questions above how do I activate it!!!!!!

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Celebi looks sooooooooo  awsome when it time travles I also noticed that the celebi is shiney and when it time travles it    is   not  shiney !.
I wonder why ?

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