How Do You Get The Expn Card In Pokemon Heart Gold And Soul Silver I Talked To The Guy In Lavender Town Radio Station Went To Misty's Gym And No Team Rocket Guy Showed Up So Plz Someone Help Me?


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If you played the old Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen version game you would know where the Power Plant is. Go there and you'll find a bunch of scientists freaking out. One of their machine parts were stolen and that's when the Team Rocket guy shows up. THEN you can go to the Gym and find the guy. I think you can find him by the yellow bridge after he runs off. He'll tell you where the machine part. Now this part gets confusing. Even I got confused at this part and it took me a while to figure out. He says he left it in the Gym but its not really visible. It's inside some pile of tubes in the Gym. Just press A when you see a pile of tubes. The tubes are by the northwest side of the pool in the Gym. Then after you find the part give it back to the Power Plant. Then go back to Lavender Town and talk to the guy in the Radio Station and get the card.  Good luck! Hope this helps.
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Go to the power plant talk to the manager then go to the Misty's Gym go to the bridge and battle the Team Rocket Grunt he will tell you where it is, take it to the manager he will give you a tm then go to the radio tower to get the EXPN Card. Misty is up on the cape after that.

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