What is the full form of tesco?


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Brian Scott answered

Oh that's... Unexpected, I didn't realize Tesco stood for anything!

Then again, I only found out quite recently that HSBC stands for Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, I didn't even know it was a Chinese bank and I have an HSBC debit card!!

I like the idea that he named it after his wife Tessa Cohen better than the other theory though. That means if I opened a shop I could call it Brisco haha... Me likes :)

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anne roberts answered

The full form of TESCO is Terrible Educational Surveys and Corporate Operations.


Tribal Education Society Of Computer Ornaments

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Ray Dart answered
There are two theories. My Father, who knew the founder BEFORE he was successful, although after he had founded the company, reckoned it was named after his wife, Tessa Cohen. The other is that is was named after (T.E. S)tockwell, a supplier and (Co)hen, his family name.

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