Can Playing Too Much Console Games Like XBox Or Playstation Be Bad For You?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Yes and NO. Yes of course, it can be bad for you. You sit in one place for hours, staring at images. However, if you remain hydrated throughout (by drinking water, no beer or soda) then you will be concentrated for longer. Every half an hour, stretch your legs, stand up, change position on the sofa. Take a break for an hour or two every two to three hours. Do not play all day, no matter how tempting, you will become addicted. It is likely that someone who played all day would put on weight because they aren't going to get any exercise (perhaps the Wii might change that!)

Also, it is impossible to eat a proper meal whilst playing, which means either digestion will be affected or you are snacking or eating things which can be eaten quickly with the hands, again not so good.

Of course if you follow my advice, you will find there are few if any ill effects.
Nikolay MakarovRus Profile

Yes and no.

Playing games is a very good hobby that a lot of kids and adults have. I am playing games a lot of hours, it's cool to relax and forget about reality for some time, and I don't have to deal with some stuff that gives me headaches. Personally, It helps me to develop my artistic side, like watching movies and reading books/comics/manga.
I play a lot of video games, but it don't make me anti-social. I have friends and a girlfriend, that I spend time with.

But it has bad sides too... I have a very bad eyesight, I can't see well without glasses on. Sometimes I feel a little weak, because of sitting on my couch for 5-8 hours a day. That's it.

Everything is good when you know the limits. I would play 2 hours maximum a day.

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Kira Smart answered

When you are playing video games, the brain releases a constant dopamine supply, with occasional random bursts. This game is absolutely relaxing so I play it often

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Cat Valentine answered
Yes, I Have been on the sims too much and I have now got bags under my eyes and my eyes (I had this when I was a baby) watering too much

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