Where Can We Find Bulbasaur In Pokemon Fire Red?


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Bulbasaur is one of the three Pokemon starter packs from the red series; with the others being Charmander and Squirtle. At level 16 Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur which in turn becomes Venusaur at level 32.

  • Who is Bulbasaur?
Bulbasaur is a cross between a young dinosaur and a toad and has a blue and green spotted hide, four legs each of which contains three white toes. The most striking physical feature on Bulbasaur is the large bulb on his back which signifies his relationship with the Pokemon.

Bulbasaur is known as the seed Pokemon because he can survive for days without eating thanks to the bulb on his back which stores energy. From the first Pokemon series he has been an important part of the amazing Pokemon success with his popularity reflected in the vast range of Bulbasaur merchandise available.

  • Bulbasaur behavior and habitat
Bulbasaur has a strong loyalty to friends and trainers and is very domesticated. They are generally well behaved and this is typical of those from the Kanto region. A Bulbasaur can be found in gardens or near water although mostly in the ownership of their trainers.

  • What is Pokemon Fire Red?
Set in the Kanto region which covers various types of habitat. The player has to acquire a special item on a venture through the Sevii Islands, once this is completed the reading begins.

  • How successful was Pokemon Red Fire?
Fire Red was launched in 2004 and sold almost 900,000 copies in Japan during the first week of it's release. In the United States in the first month of release over one million copies were sold.
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In route 1
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You can choose him as your starting pokemon
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You get it in the beginning. When Prof. Oak asks you which one, you choose Bulbasaur, otherwise you cannot get it any other way.
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You get it from professor oak in the beginning you look in the briefcase and you have choses bulbasaur charamander and someone else choose bulbasaur thats how you get bulbasaur

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