How To Get Scratches Out Of DVD's Or Playstation Games?


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I head toothpaste but it didnt work.
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You can go to Blockbusters, and ask them about that scratch remover, or buffer. I believe they sell it too. Hope this helps.
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If you go to places where you can rent movies/games they MIGHT have a little device that looks like a cd player and it gets scratches out of DVDs/games
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It works if you put toothpaste on I and flush the toilet then let it dry
I  have done it and it stops the skipping gin dvd and playstation games.
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Best Buy sells a product to get the scratches out. I accidentally left a spindle of my favorite music CD's in the trunk of my car on a long trip and had scratches on everyone of them. This silicone product will do the job. Peace.
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Try using alcohol, rubbing alcohol. Or cologne anything like that and rub it on the disc

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