How Does Toothpaste Get Rid Of Scratches On A Cd DVD Etc?


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Not all toothpastes will work, but some have a micro-abrasive that works like a polish to remove scratches in semi-hard surfaces such as CDs & DVDs.  There are commercially available plastic polishes that are more reliable and consistent.  Here's a tip: When removing scratches from CD/DVDs work from the center outward in a radial pattern, not in a circular pattern around the disk.
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You can Use a micro abrasive-toothpaste. It should help get the nasty scratches out. Peace out
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Apparently, baking soda toothpastes work the best from what I have been able to determine, though no one really wants to give more information than that.  Essentially, it works by removing a portion of the disk and making the scratch shallower.
What I want to know, and this may be a stupid question, wouldn't rinsing the CD afterwards cause the disk to warp?
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Use a micro abrasive toothpaste. This should help you get the scratches out. Peace
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do we just go in any generic store and buy toothpaste that says "mirco-abrasive toothpaste"? I mean like what kind of toothpaste do I look for? I use Crest multi-... something. I'm sorry I can't think straight right now...lolz
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Crest is a good brand that has a micro abrasive kind of toothpaste. Peace
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Ive been using my toothpaste and some scratches are gone but deeper ones remain should I just get rid of it???
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Rub grinded cheese until drinking point into it it worked some how with my disc don't ask how :?

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