How Do I Send Messages To My Friends On XBox Live When I'm Away From The Console Itself?


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Mark Westbrook answered
When your registered your XBox Live membership, you got a hotmail account and a password.  Find these if you have them and head for here you can login to your XBox Live Membership account.  There is a messages section where you can send and receive your text messages, but you can't listen to voice messages ( I don't know why not, it's not like they don't have the technology at Microsoft/XBox, I find it a bit lazy of them in fact!)  This site can be contacted through a computer or a mobile phone internet.

If you think you have lost them but can remember the account name (it's usually your [email protected]), then go to the hotmail site and try to login and when it fails, click forgotten password and let's see if you can get in that way instead.

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