How Do I Block My Cell Phone Number From Showing Up On A Text Message I Am Sending?


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  • Use *67 and then dial the phone number you are sending the text message to.

*67 is a temporary block on your cell phone number that you can use to block your phone number.

You need to put the *67 before the phone number you are calling. It tells the cell phone carrier you do not want your phone number displayed on the transmission. The text message will go through and the next time you want to send a text message your phone number will appear again. You can use this temporary method as many times as you wish without a problem.

  • Call your service provider to get a line block.
You can call your service provider and request a line block. This service is usually an additional fee just as it used to be for home telephones. If you decide to use a line block from the service provider know that it is a permanent fix.

If you have an instance where you want the cell phone number displayed while on line block you can dial *82 and then the number. The phone number will then appear so that the caller knows who it is.

Your phone number will never be blocked to emergency services even with a line block.

Most individuals prefer the *67 method as it is simple and will not cost a thing to initiate. It is also one of the better options given that you may want most of the people you text or phone to see your number. Just remember that you have to use *67 before the phone number you send the text to in order for the block to be effective each time.
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Put 141 to hide your number. Note if you do anything wrong in the text the police can still get your number.
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This is feature that is only available in Nokia cell phones and you can simple go in to mobile settings and can change this status for your cell phone.
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You will have to go through the steps of sending your texts anonymously. I have tested several sites today and the two that worked for me were... and All the others require you to log in or register or provide personal info. Good Luck!!!
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Its simple ... You have to opt for private number  so when you send a message it displays message from a private sender so your number is not displayed. This facility can be made available on a request to the customer services of that particular leading brand

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