How Do I Check My Boost Mobile Voicemail From Another Phone?


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Just call your own number and wait for the voicemail message to start. When it does, interrupt by pressing one, then the star key followed by the hash key. You will be asked to provide your password; once you have entered it, you will be able to listen to any messages that have been left on your voicemail.

Voice mail first came into being in 1979 when Gordon Mathews founded his company, VMX, also known as Voice Mail Express based upon a digital system that recorded messages, and that was patented in 1982.

The first customer of VMX, which was effectively the first ever voice mail provider, was 3M. Today, there are still some companies that use this innovative and useful communication tool.

Basically, voice mails are digital recordings of messages that can be managed both on, and off-site. Some organisations use systems that can be used by their own staff, while others outsource the work and rely on another company to deal with their calls. Voice mail systems that are predominantly for home and personal use, such as land line phones and mobile phones, usually use an off-site system but it is possible to get software that lets your PC manage your calls and to become a message service.

Very often, modern voice mail services are similar to the older versions in as much as they have an operator who deals with the messages. The difference between the two systems, though, is that the older systems used to have a real person employed in this capacity, while nowadays the operator is automated and gives and receives instructions via the phone’s keypad.

The many features of today’s voice mail include being able to access messages and being able to page the person for whom the message is intended.
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Call your phone number, wait until the greeting kicks in. Then interrupt the prompt by hitting 1, * & then # in rapid succession. Voicemail will then ask for your passcode. Enter it then you can listen to the messages.

Hope this helps!
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Hey how do you check VM from landline without calling cell number? Is there an 800 number to call in like Verizon has to check messages?

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