How can I check my phone messages/voicemail?


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Arafat Hossain answered

Dial your 10-digit phone number. Wait for your call to go into theVoicemail system; you will hear your Voicemail greeting. Press the (*) key. Enter your PIN followed by the (#) key.

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Jon Horvath answered

Here are a few ways to check your voicemail, some can work remotely, but it's easiest to do it directly from the phone that was called...

Number 1 - Literally number 1. Just hold down the 1 button on your phone and most mobiles will ring straight through to voicemail.

Number 2 - Check in your contact list for a Voicemail contact as some sim cards automatically insert a number for you to call and this saves you any hassle of looking elsewhere.

Number 3 - On some handsets such as the iPhone there is a Voicemail link provided in the applications section on the phone.

Number 4 - If you know your phone tariff provider, for example Vodafone, EE, Virgin, you can look on their websites at dedicated Voicemail areas, which may include specific numbers for the services.

Number 5 - Using a different handset, dial your own mobile phone number and then press * when you hear your answer message, then enter your phone pin.

Beware some phones do not automatically come with a voicemail setting, and in some cases this needs to be set up with your network provider using a series of pin numbers, so check online to find out if this is required before it's too late. 

Also some networks delete voicemails after 30 days and most charge you to listen to them. 

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