How Can I Check My Mobile Phone Text Messages From This Computer Without Phone In Hand?


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If you are registered with one the major phone companies then you will most likely have an account online where you can check your phone usage and your tariff. You may also be able to track any messages that have been sent from or to your phone, however not all phone carriers will offer this service.
You may also be able to call your service provider and ask them if this information is stored or if they can track this information. Each sim card will have its own unique identification number so tracking your sim and its activity is a real possibility.
Web companies such as Mobile Spy ( can track any activity that is coming from your phone, so theoretically if you sign up to this service you will be able to see the texts that are being sent to it. However this company does charge a subscription fee.
There is also a piece of software called SMSLink which is available as an App for Blackberrys and other smart phones. This allows you to receive and reply to text messages through your computer rather than using you handset.  This App is available for $8.95 but there is no free trial to try before you buy.
Alternatively you may just need to get a new phone and let your friends and contacts know that you have done so! You may also be able to get a replacement phone and keep the same number so that you’ll be able to receive texts and calls without having to inform anyone that you ever lost your phone.
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Check my messages online now
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I broke my screen how do I check my messages
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Just login to the cloud account with your ID and passwords, you might do that. Or you can use iKeyMonitor to check mobile phone text messages.

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If you have lost your phone and your text was saved in the phone then you can't get the old messages but if the messages were in the SIM then you can retrieve it by putting the SIM on another phone. You can't check your messages on the computer as you don't have the phone with you.
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