How Can I Send A Text From My Computer To A Net10 Phone?


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You can send a text message to someone on Net10  by going to this page on the Net10 website Net10 SMS and doing the following:

  • Enter the number that you want to text in the 'send to' field
  • Type your name (or a nickname) in the 'send from' field this needs to be under 20 characters.
  • The message field can take a message up to 110 characters
  • You can enter a call back number but that is optional
  • Just press 'send'

Net10 is a very popular cell phone provider and the company has some good value prepaid family plans. Due to partnerships with the major cell phone networks, its nationwide coverage is one of the best.

However, many of their plans are more expensive than other providers, but for a family plan and a high-end phone iPhone Net10 is a real contender.

Most of  the phones that Net10 provides on its plans are basic, low-end smartphones, but it is possible to buy a better, high-end phone for full price.

Net10 has Sim only plans where they provide the sim that can be placed into the phone of your choice but I think for this you have to choose your tower type to get setup. However, I am informed that there are tutorials to help you do this.

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