How Do I Send A Text Message From My Computer To Someone's Cell Phone?


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It is possible for anyone with access to the Internet to send a text message via a computer and you can do it free of charge. They work with the majority of cell phone providers and it is simple to do. Firstly you should go online and access the 'Text 4 Free' website at Once you've reached the homepage you should scroll down the page and enter the phone number of the person you want to send a text message to in the 'step 1' box provided. Remember not to enter any hyphens or spaces when you type the number. After you've done that click on the 'choose provider' option and it will present a list of cell phone providers. Click on the one that corresponds with the cell phone number you entered. You can repeat this process if you're sending the same message to more than one number, just simply click on 'click to add another recipient'.

Now you can type in your message in the 'step 2' box provided and once you've done that you can choose how many messages you wish to send by clicking the appropriate number in the drop box. The website allows you to send the same message up to 10 times and you can also add a picture to your message by clicking on the 'browse' option and choosing the picture you want by double clicking on it. Finally make sure you type in the code presented in the step 5 box and then click on 'send message'.
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In order to send a text message from your computer to someone's cell phone, you need to know about the option available by your Cell Phone service provider. Actually every Cell Phone service provider has this option, where you can log on to a certain website, normally it is the corporate website of the service provider and then send text messages to any number under that service. Since you have not mentioned which number or service provider you want to send your text on, it is not possible to give you exact information. So contact the service provider for details.
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How do I send a text message to my friend from my computer to there cell phone number 808 349 4429 it's a At&t cell phone
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