How Can You Block Calls Made To Your Cell Phone From Someone Using *67?


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How was I block a number on my cell phone that keeps calling me without talking to my carrier?
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Any call from a particular area, or specified calls can be blocked on the cell phone by what is called as the callerID manager. For more information on this, visit the following link - . However, one cannot block calling card numbers by this method.

Anyway, there does not seem to be a way to block those numbers which have been dialled by calling *67, I'm afraid it is not possible unless you specify a certain number to you service provider to have it blocked. Also, it would be advisable to call your service provider or Telephone Company and consult them on what options are available for blocking calls form your phone.

And if you really want to stop getting calls from this person, stop calling him or her first! Contact your telephone company and ask them what your options are in blocking useless callers from calling.

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