How Can A Verizon Phone Customer Block Someone From Calling Him?


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Who GIVES a flying rat's you-know-what if it 'offends' a freakin' solicitor! They shouldn't be pestering people in the FIRST place!  Geez!  In even being IN this field of telemarketing, I'm sure they know beforehand that they are aggrevating the average person in soliciting something that most people don't even WANT or NEED!  So Solicitors should be PREPARED to be cussed!  I HATE THEM!
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Customers of any cellular phone service provider, be it Verizon or any other service provider, usually dial the toll-free number of the service provider or its call centre as soon as possible. They must request the customer service department of the service provider (in this case, Verizon) and have the number of the caller blocked at the earliest.

Another solution to this problem would be to change your cellular phone number and give it only to those people that you would like to remain in contact with. However, it would be absolutely impolite and unacceptable behaviour on your part if you take a call on your cellular phone and curse this person that you wish to ignore. It would be a more dignified approach not to pick up your phone when he or she calls.

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